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Storm Seeker

Storm Seeker - CD „Calm Seas Vol. 1“

Storm Seeker - CD „Calm Seas Vol. 1“

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Sail away from stress with this one-of-a-kind acoustic album, „Calm Seas Vol. 1“. Featuring all of Storm Seekers best hits and some extra-special shantys, this maritime masterpiece is sure to keep you (and your sea-faring soul) feeling relaxed and ready to set sail on another adventure! 

Release Date: 26.11.2021


  1. How To Be A Pirate (Calm Seas Version)
  2. Deathwatch Beetle Party (Calm Seas Version)
  3. Naval Hitchhike (Calm Seas Version)
  4. Drag O Below (Calm Seas Version)
  5. Side By Side (Calm Seas Version)
  6. Destined Course (Calm Seas Version)
  7. Roll Boys Roll (Calm Seas Version)
  8. Wellerman (Calm Seas Version)
  9. Randy Dandy Oh (Calm Seas Version)
  10. Wer will mit uns nach Island ziehen (Calm Seas Version)
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